Corporate Card Programme Overview


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As Programme Administrator, you play a vital role in the day-to-day operation of your Company's Corporate Card programme. You are the central point of contact for programme management, and play a valuable role in assisting your colleagues when they require information and direction regarding their American Express Corporate Card.

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Overview of your Corporate Card programme

The American Express Corporate Card programme is designed for companies whose turnover is greater than 1 million US dollars (HK$7.8 million) per annum. The Card programme is a sophisticated Expense Management solution that is specially designed to meet the needs of major companies and multinational organisations. The programme offers significant benefits including increased visibility and control, exclusive rebates and savings, and benefits for your employees.

Not only can the American Express Corporate Card programme add value and deliver substantial savings to your Company, it can effectively streamline your day-to-day business expense management processes and procedures. This helps you to reduce costs while increasing visibility and control.

Specifically designed to help manage your Company's travel, entertainment and general business expenses, your American Express Corporate Card programme also offers a range of benefits, savings and discounts that recognise and reward your Company and your employees.

Visit Cardmember Benefits and Company Benefits for a summary of the great value the American Express Corporate Card programme can deliver to your Company.

Your Account configuration

The American Express Corporate Card programme offers a variety of configurations to meet your Company's needs. Your Company's unique configuration was established when you first set up your Account. This section explains the various aspects of Account Configuration.

Roles and responsibilities
You are required to nominate contacts from your Company to be the liaison points with American Express and to fulfil tasks required to manage your Company's Account. These contacts were established when your American Express Corporate Card application form was completed. The roles of these contacts are outlined below.

Authorised Signatory
The Authorised Signatory is able to make decisions on behalf of your Company and approve changes to your Account. These changes may include adding Cardmembers or changing your Company contacts. This authorisation is required to maintain the security and privacy of your Corporate Card Account. This role is typically filled by someone in your Company who:

  • Has ownership over the American Express Corporate Card programme
  • Has the authority to approve decisions on behalf of the Company
  • May have made the decision to implement the American Express Corporate Card programme
  • Usually has the title of Financial Controller, Chief Financial Officer, Managing Director, Partner, Accounts Payable Manager or General Manager
  • The Authorised Signatory may also be referred to as the Decision Maker

Programme Administrator
As the Programme Administrator, your role is to manage the day-to-day running of your Company's Corporate Card Account, including:

  • Being the daily contact point between your Company and American Express
  • Checking and submitting new Card applications
  • Transferring or cancelling Cards
  • Reconciliation and payment of statements if centrally managed
  • Programme maintenance including Cardmember changes and reporting.

Card types
The American Express Corporate Card offers two levels of Card membership to cater for your Company's unique travel, entertainment and business expense needs, including:

  • American Express Corporate Card
  • American Express Corporate Gold Card

American Express Corporate Card

American Express Corporate Card
The Corporate Green Card offers a substantial array of benefits and insurance cover, and is designed to meet the needs of the majority of employees in a company

Click here for a full list of benefits.

Click here for Cardmember application forms.

American Express Corporate Gold Card

American Express Corporate Gold Card
The Corporate Gold Card offers additional prestige and insurance cover. It is typically used for senior executives and is often provided to recognise status within a company.

In addition to the Corporate Card benefits, American Express Corporate Gold Cardmembers receive additional benefits, which are outlined here in the Gold Cardmember Welcome Brochure.

Click here for Cardmember application forms.

Card fees
Annual Cardmember fees are applied on a sliding scale according to the number of Cardmembers in your Company. This means that you may be able to achieve cost savings by adding Cards to your Account.

The annual Card fees for the American Express Corporate Card are:

  • Corporate Card – HK$400
  • Corporate Gold Card – HK$550

Card liability types
American Express offers 2 types of liabilities*, allowing your Company to control the level of risk exposure when opening a Corporate Card Account. The two levels are:

*For existing customers that are currently on Limited or Individual liability, your liability type remains unchanged. From 30 November 2012, American Express will no longer offer Limited or Individual Liability to new customers.

Combined liability
Combined liability means that the Company and each Cardmember are jointly and severally liable for all authorised charges incurred by the Cardmember. The Company is not liable for Charges incurred by the Cardmember that are personal in nature and which did not accrue a benefit to the Company, or for which the Company has reimbursed the Cardmember.

For further information about this option, click here for the Combined liability – Corporate Account Agreement and Set-up form.

Corporate liability
This liability option is recommended if your Company has strict internal policies preventing personal use of the Card, or where staff, such as Directors, are entrusted with all expense claims. Key points of this option include:

  • Your Company is liable for all charges incurred on the Card.
  • Your Company is not liable for unauthorised use of the Card in specific circumstances only.

For further information about this option, please click here for the Corporate liability – Corporate Account Agreement and Set-up form.

Billing and payments
American Express offers both individual and central billing and payment options that can be customised to suit your specific Corporate Card Account. The options are:

Individually billed, centrally paid
This option lists each transaction on a Cardmember basis. Each Cardmember receives an individual monthly billing statement that identifies all charges. Once Cardmembers have submitted their expenses, your Company has a choice of paying by Autopay, variable Direct Debit, bank standing order, telegraphic transfer, Payment by Phone Service or Electronic Transfer. Telegraphic transfer and electronic remittance payments need to be accompanied by a remittance advice including backup information on how to allocate the funds.

Managing billing and payment in this manner has benefits for your Company, including:

  • Improves cash flow
  • Retains control over payment
  • Encourages accurate documentation of expenses
  • Reduces the number of reimbursement cheques written.

Individually billed, individually paid
With this option, each Cardmember receives a monthly billing statement from American Express. The Cardmember is responsible for submitting expense reports to the Programme Administrator for reimbursement and remitting payment back to American Express.

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Reduces the amount of change for the Cardmember and your Company at implementation stage
  • Encourages timely submission of expense reports, as the Cardmember is responsible for reconciliation and payment
  • Encourages accurate documentation of expenses
  • Reduces corporate administrative workload and cost since employees reconcile and pay monthly bills
  • Allows Cardmembers to put personal expenditure on their Card if this is permitted under company policy.

Centrally billed, centrally paid
Central billing combines all Cardmember statements into one group that is sent to a central contact. Your Company remits payment for all charges on all Card Accounts.

The benefits offered by the centrally billed, centrally paid option include:

  • Allows a single electronic transfer transaction or a single direct debit
  • Improves cash flow
  • Increases Cardmember convenience.

Online Statements
Monthly statements are delivered online for centrally and individually billed accounts. An email will be sent each month informing Cardmembers that their statements are ready to view. Cardmembers may select Online Statements by logging in or registering at Manage Your Card Account and selecting Apply Online Statement.

Click here to return to the Account Configuration menu.

Limits and controls
Your Corporate Card Account may be approved in a number of ways:

  • On the basis of a relationship limit. This is a combined expenditure limit, where a maximum limit is set for all Cardmembers. This limit cannot be exceeded either individually or collectively. The relationship limit applied to your Account may be a revolving limit that enables your Company to incur charges up to the limit stated. Should your charges reach the limit at any time, you will be required to make a payment before further charges can be made
  • On the basis of a monthly limit where the available funds are refreshed at the beginning of each new statement cycle. If your charges reach the limit, no further charges can be placed on the Cards until the new statement cycle begins
  • On the basis of a global limit. This is a spend limit or control that you can apply at any level of your hierarchy. This enables you to set different controls based on your Company's internal policies and procedures. This includes the opportunity to apply individual spend limits to each Cardmember so you can control either their monthly spend or limit the size of each transaction.

Please contact your Account Manager or call Corporate Administrator Servicing Team on (+852) 2277 1095 to apply limits and controls.

Account hierarchy
Corporate Card hierarchy is the name given to the structure or operational framework of the Corporate Card Account. The hierarchy always includes two elements:

  • Corporate IDs (CID) or Control Accounts
  • Card Account numbers and Business Travel Account numbers.

Account hierarchy structure
Your Account hierarchy is set up relative to your Company's internal structure and Management Information (MI) reporting needs. There are several ways you can set up your Corporate Card Account hierarchy. These can be discussed with your Account Manager.

The hierarchy may represent a simple or a complex Account structure. There are three hierarchy categories in the Corporate Expense Management programme allowing up to 6 levels of hierarchy:

  • Master Control Account Number (MCA) – this is your Company's own unique identifier
  • Basic Control Account Number (BCA) – each individual Corporate Card sits within the basic control number
  • Intermediate Control Account Number (ICA) – this added level would be included for divisional MI reporting needs.

Basic hierarchy – two levels

Basic hierarchy – two levels

Complex hierarchy – three or more levels (up to 6 levels)

Complex hierarchy – three or more levels

Implementation process
If you have recently joined the American Express Corporate Card programme, the information below provides you with details on the implementation process of some accounts.

Basic implementation process

Basic implementation process

If you are simply adding Cards to an existing Account, then the process begins with American Express processing the individual Cardmember applications.

Approval with a limit
Based on the assessment of your Company, you may be approved for a Corporate Card Account with a limit placed on your Account.

Click here for more information on limits.