Programme Management

Managing your Corporate Card Programme

Programme Administrator roles and responsibilities

Your role as a Programme Administrator is to oversee the day-to-day management of the American Express Corporate Card programme, thereby forming a crucial link between your Company and American Express.

Using the Corporate Cards

To protect your Cardmembers from fraud, Cards should be signed by Cardmembers immediately upon receipt and kept in a secure place.

When charges are declined
Unfortunately there are times when a charge may be declined. American Express uses sophisticated credit checking systems to monitor spend patterns and to identify fraudulent or unapproved spend. This is done to protect the interests of Cardmembers and the company. Any out-of-pattern spend will be referred for manual approval. This means the transaction will not go through on the Card until American Express has been contacted and approves it. Card charges are more likely to be referred for manual approval when new Cardmembers start using the Card and have minimal spend history. The most frequent types of out-of-pattern expenditure are large, internet or overseas transactions.

If a merchant indicates that a transaction has been declined, Cardmembers should request clarification. If manual approval is required, the Cardmember should ask the merchant to contact the American Express Authorisation team on (+852) 2277 1000 to request this approval.

Avoiding declined charges
If Cardmembers anticipate an out-of-pattern charge, they can contact American Express prior to using their Corporate Card and seek pre-authorisation. We recommend Cardmembers seek pre-authorisation on all large, internet or overseas purchases. This avoids the inconvenience of charges being declined. Cardmembers can contact the Customer Service team on (+852) 2277 1088 to request pre-authorisation.

How to dispute a charge
If a Cardmember does not recognise a transaction, the first action should be to contact the supplier and dispute the charge directly. If this is either unsuccessful or not possible, the Cardmember can contact the Customer Service team on (+852) 2277 1088 to dispute the charge. This must be within 60 days of the date the charge was placed on the Card. A temporary credit may be applied to the Account while American Express contacts the supplier to obtain support for the charge. Investigations of charges by American Express may take up to 6 to 8 weeks.

Maintaining your Company’s Corporate Card Account

To ensure your Company's expense management programme runs smoothly, you may be required to assist with tasks to administer the programme including adding or cancelling Cards and paying your Company's Account. To change your Company's details or contacts, please click here for the Change of Company Details form and follow the necessary steps as mentioned in the form.

Maintaining your Company’s Card members

This section allows you to review information and/or access direct links for a number of activities that will help you to maintain your Company's Cardmembers. You may also wish to enrol for Online Programme Management in @Work, to complete these activities online.

Requesting a new Card
Please click here to request a new Card.

Requesting an urgent Card
To request an urgent Card,please fill out the Cardmember Application Form as you usually would, and tick Priority Handling in the bottom left hand corner. Please note that an urgent fee applies.

Renewing expired Cards
Renewal Cards will be automatically mailed to the Cardmember’s billing address 10 to 15 days prior to Card expiration.

Replacing a lost or stolen Card
In the event of a Card being lost or stolen, it should be reported immediately by the Cardmember at (+852) 2811 6122. American Express will cancel the Card and arrange for an emergency replacement if required, usually within 24 hours, anywhere in the world, at no charge.

Cancelling a Card
If an employee no longer needs a Corporate Card, the Card must be cancelled so that American Express does not continue to charge annual fees for this Card. Please complete a copy of the Cardmember Cancellation form. Alternatively, you can cancel a Card via Online Programme Management in @Work or send an email to the Corporate Administrator Servicing Team on

Changing Cardmember details
Programme Administrators can change Cardmember addresses via Online Programme Management in @Work. Programme Administrators may also cancel Cards, reinstate or replace Cards using this tool at any time of the day. Cardmembers can change billing addresses by calling the Cardmember hotline.

What @ Work can do for you

American Express @ Work®

From everyday Card management to comprehensive reporting, get the most from your Card program. Manage your Corporate Card program anytime, anywhere with @ Work – a powerful online tool giving you full visibility and control of your company’s Corporate Cards.

Manage Cardmembers

@ Work allows you to manage your company’s program more efficiently online, saving you time and money.

  • Apply for new Cards
  • View account balances
  • Monitor Cardmember spend
  • Replace, suspend, or cancel Cards
  • Set up account alerts, including individual Card spend
  • Track your Cardmember’s proximity to global incidents

Cards for new Employees

Apply for new Cards with our digital solution, which allows you to customize the application journey and approvals actionable anytime and anywhere.

@ Work Reporting

Query, filter and sort your Corporate Card information with @ Work to meet your expense management needs and easily track the information most relevant to you.

There are two types of reporting available:


Receive automatic Card management, compliance and spend trend reports monthly, across various organizational and geographic levels. These reports are preformatted and available in either PDF or Excel format.


With custom reports you have the flexibility to sort and view the information that is most important to you. You can directly save your report, set it to run on a particular schedule, or print, export and graph your results directly from the ‘Report Viewer’.

Register now

Complete the registration form to set up access to @ Work.

Request a free training session

Simply contact your Account Manager or our PA Servicing Team. You must be enrolled to @ Work to be eligible.

Expense Management Solutions

An Expense Management Solution can help companies save up to 30%¹ on travel and entertainment costs through the streamlining of payment processes and increased control. American Express helps companies achieve these cost savings by extending local, regional and global expense management solutions through the Corporate Card programme.

The spend data captured through the American Express closed-loop network provides companies with spend clarity. This delivers your Company savings through enhanced vendor negotiations, as well as the elimination of steps in the expense claims process.

For more information, please speak to your American Express Account Manager.

1. European T&E Expense Management Study, American Express and AT Kearney, 2008.

Online Statements

Online Statements is a free service that helps Cardmembers review and reconcile their expenses online, without having to wait for monthly Corporate Card statements.

Online Statements:

  • Allow access to account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Track current charges and payments, and show statements for the past 6 months
  • Track unbilled balances and new charges.

Enrolment for Online Statements requires individual action by each of your Cardmembers and takes just a few minutes. To ensure your Cardmembers receive monthly statements, they need to enrol in Manage Your Card Account here and select the Apply Online Statement delivery option.

Cardmembers can also gain access to their past 6 months' Corporate Card statements in PDF format, online. After enrolment, Cardmembers will receive a monthly email notification when their statement is ready to be viewed online.

Payment options

There are a number of methods for paying an American Express Corporate Card statement. The payment methods available depend on whether your Company or the Cardmember pays the statement.

Company payment options
There are a number of options where your Company pays the account centrally, including:

Your nominated bank account will be debited 10 days after your statement cut off date, as detailed on Cardmember statements. To enable this payment option, please click here to complete an Autopay enrolment form.

Payment by Phone Service (PPS)
Please use merchant code 14 when paying by phone or internet. For more information and registration, please visit

Electronic Transfer
Hong Kong Dollar accounts:
Pay to:
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd
Address: 1 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong

In favour of:
Account Name: American Express International Inc.
Account Number: 004-111-159604-001

Please quote your Card numbers in the instruction.

US Dollar accounts:
Wire Transfer:
American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. C/O Chase Manhattan Bank
DDA Number: 910-2-753010
ABA Number: 0210-0002-1

Please ensure the load number is included in the Originator Beneficiary Information(OBI) field (or REFERENCE FIELD) of the wire transfer.

ACH Information:
American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. Corporate Card CTX account
C/O Mellon TR of New England, NA
DDA Number: 09-1960
ABA Number: 011001234

Please ensure the load number is included in the 7th record addenda section of the ACH transfer or, if in CTX format, make sure that the RMR02 contains the load number (no spaces, dashes or alpha characters). CCD+ and CTX formats are supported.

Remittance advice
A full remittance advice should accompany all electronic remittance payments. A remittance advice can be printed from @Work. This will be available 48 to 72 hours after the statement cut off date. Alternatively, you can prepare your own and email it to the Cashier's office at on the same day the payment is made into the American Express bank account. If you prepare your own remittance advice it must contain:

  • Master Control Account Number (MCA - your Company's unique ID)
  • Company name
  • Date of payment
  • Card number
  • Cardmember name
  • Amount of payment per Cardmember
  • Payment total
  • Notation of any credit adjustments between accounts.

Missing or misallocated payments
If there is no remittance advice accompanying a payment, or if the remittance advice is incorrect, the payment(s) will remain unallocated. This means that Cardmember payments may become overdue and late payment fees may apply. Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for contact details and follow up actions.

Cardmember payment options
When the Cardmember pays the account, the following options are possible:

Payment by Phone Service (PPS)
Please use merchant code 14 when paying by phone or internet. For more information and registration, please visit

Late payment fees

Late payment fees are easily avoided simply through Cardmembers being made aware that the American Express Corporate Card is a Charge Card, which means the full balance needs to be paid upon receipt of the Cardmember's statement. For more details, please refer to the Cardmember Terms and Conditions.

In accordance with the American Express Corporate Cardholder agreement, if the total amount billed is not paid in full upon receipt of the monthly account statement, the account is considered in default. Should American Express not receive full payment of the “total due” amount billed on the monthly statement by the date of the following month's account statement, the unpaid balance will be considered “overdue” and liquidated damages for late payment will be imposed.

60 days overdue for payment
If a Card is 60 days overdue for payment, the Cardmember or Programme Administrator will be contacted via telephone or letter and the Card will be suspended. Additional late payment fees will be accrued.

90 days overdue for payment
If a Card is 90 days overdue for payment, the Card will automatically be cancelled. The Account may be referred to an external debt collection agency or solicitor employed by American Express to establish acceptable repayment terms. Additional late payment fees will be accrued.

The American Express credit policy may vary depending upon the Terms and Conditions set for your Company and will be applied on an individual Card basis.

To assist with planning Cardmember payments after a Card is overdue for payment, you may wish to find out the proportion of the billed charges that are overdue. To do so, please contact the Corporate Administrator Servicing Team on (+852) 2277 1095.

To avoid late payment fees, Cardmembers can check their online statements anytime and anywhere via the Internet. Click here to register for Online Statements. Payment due date is also printed on the Cardmember monthly statements.