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How do I replace a Card?
If a Card is damaged or defective, a replacement Card can be requested through @Work Programme Management or by calling the PA Servicing Team on (+852) 2277 1095. A replacement Card will be dispatched from American Express within 10 working days. Emergency Card Replacement is available while Cardmembers are overseas and replacement cards are usually issued within 24 hours.

How do I cancel a Card?
If an employee no longer requires a Corporate Card, the Card must be cancelled so that American Express does not continue to charge annual fees for this Card. A Card can be cancelled by faxing a copy of Corporate Card Maintenance Form requesting the cancellation to (+852) 2811 2414. Alternatively, you can cancel a Card via @Work.

How do I replace a Card if it is lost or stolen?
If a Card is lost or stolen, American Express must be informed as soon as the Cardmember is aware that they no longer have their Card. American Express will suspend the Card immediately and charges will no longer be processed on the Card. To inform American Express of a lost or stolen Card, the Cardmember can contact American Express on (+852) 2811 6122, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

How long does it take to get a new Card?
Cardmember applications are processed and dispatched in approximately 10 working days from receipt of the application form.

If a Card is required in less than 10 working days, you can request urgent processing for a fee of HK$240 (or US$30 for US$ Cards) per Cardmember application. Urgent Card applications will be received in 5 working days from receipt of the request. If this deadline is not met, the HK$240 or US$30 fee will be reimbursed.

How do I dispute a charge?
If a Cardmember does not recognise a transaction, the first response should be to contact the supplier and dispute the charge directly. If this is either not successful or not possible, the Cardmember can contact American Express on (+852) 2277 1088 for Cardmembers or (+852) 2277 1095 for the Corporate Administrator Servicing Team to dispute the charge. This must be done within 60 days of the date the charge was placed on the Card. A temporary credit may be applied to the Account while American Express contacts the supplier to obtain support for the charge. Investigations of charges by American Express may take up to 6 to 8 weeks.

How do I add or change my Company contacts?
If your Company wishes to add or change any of your contacts including Authorised Signatory and Programme Administrator, please click here to fill in a Change of Company Details form, have it signed by an Authorised Signatory and fax it to (+852) 2811 2414. These changes should take up to 10 working days to finalise from receipt of the Change of Company Details Form.

How do I request an increase to a global limit?
If a limit is placed on your Account and your Company would like this to be reviewed, please contact the Corporate Administrator Servicing Team on (+852) 2277 1095. The time frame for review is 5 to10 business days depending on whether your Company is required to submit updated financial information. Your Company contact will be informed of the result of the review by phone or email.

Why is there a need to change the magnetic stripe Corporate Card to Chip Card?
It is mandated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), all magnetic stripe cards with ATM capability will be replaced by EMV chip cards in order to strengthen security against fraud.

What is an EMV Chip Card?
EMV is a global security standard for Chip Card technology. With the EMV Chip, your Card is better protected against fraudulent activities.

Will the new chip card affect the way I use my Card now?
Not at all. Simply present your Chip Card to the merchant sales staff who will insert it into the Chip Card reader instead of swiping it at the point-of-sale terminal. On the other hand, your Chip Card can still be swiped in exactly the same way as you do today.

Do I need a PIN for my Chip Card when making purchases at merchant?
No PIN is given for this Chip Card. You just need to sign the sales slip as you were using your existing magnetic stripe cards when making purchases.

Is Chip Card more secure than magnetic stripe Card?
Security is our number one priority so regardless of whether your Card has a chip or not you will be protected by our Fraud Protection Guarantee. This means provided you take reasonable care with your account details and do not unreasonably delay in notifying us if you notice a charge you don't recognize, you won't be held liable for any fraudulent charges. For more information on American Express Fraud Prevention click here.

Can the Chip Card be used overseas?
Yes, your Chip Card can be used overseas, even in countries where Chip Cards are not prevalent.

Will my Card number change on the new Chip Card as I have saved my Card details with several online merchants?
There is no change to your Card number, but your new Chip Card will have a new expiry date and 4-digit security code. Therefore, please update any payment template you have set up with the merchants.

When will my magnetic stripe Card be replaced?
We are rolling out Chip Cards across our American Express Cards in progressive phases between October 2013 and December 2015. You can continue to use your existing magnetic stripe Card as normal before your Chip Card is available.

How can I get cash on my Card?
Cardmembers enrolled in the Corporate Cash service can use their Cards to access cash from ATMs worldwide with American Express logo. The withdrawn cash is billed to individual Corporate Card Accounts and appears as a charge on the next statement following the withdrawal. A transaction fee applies to each withdrawal.

How can I enroll in Corporate Cash service?
Access to this Corporate Cash service is not automatic. Your Company needs to register for this service, obtain approval, and Cardmembers must then individually enroll with American Express. Cardmembers will be informed via post when they are enrolled successfully and will be supplied with a PIN. Cardmembers can use the PIN to withdraw cash locally in Hong Kong. For Overseas Corporate Cash service, Cardmembers need to activate such service with an activation period being set up before they could withdraw cash overseas. Cardmembers can also lower the withdrawal limit by calling the number on the back of your Card. For details of the setup procedure, please click here.

How can I activate my Overseas Corporate Cash service?
Please click here to log into your Online Services account and select MY ACCOUNT > Card Management > Manage Overseas Cash Access, or call the number on the back of your Card.

What is the maximum validity period I can set for my Overseas Corporate Cash service?
4 years.

Can I stop my Overseas Cash Access before the expiration date I set previously?
Yes. Please click here to log into your Online Services account and select MY ACCOUNT > Card Management > Manage Overseas Cash Access, or call the number on the back of your Card to update an earlier expiration date.

How can I extend my Overseas Cash Access after it is expired?
Please click here to log into your Online Services account and select MY ACCOUNT > Card Management > Manage Overseas Cash Access, or call the number on the back of your Card to update a new expiration date.

What can I do if I forgot the PIN for Corporate Cash service?
Please call the number on the back of your Card. A new pin-mailer will be generated and sent to you upon your request.

How do I change my Account hierarchy?
If your Company has changed its structure, you may wish to add to or change your Account hierarchy. To make a change, please contact your American Express Account Manager to discuss your new requirements. The Corporate Representative will explain how to proceed depending on individual circumstances.

What do I do if a payment is missing or misallocated?
If there is no remittance advice accompanying a payment or if the remittance advice is incorrect, the payment(s) will remain unallocated. This means that Cardmember payments may become overdue and late payment fees may apply. If you have any queries about the allocation of your payments, please contact the Corporate Administrator Servicing Team on (+852) 2277 1095.

What should we do in the case of a lost or stolen Card?
Please call (+852) 2811 6122. Cardmembers can usually receive a Replacement Card within 24 hours, at no cost.

How do I transfer Cards between different Corporate IDs (CIDs)?
You can transfer Cards between different CIDs by using @Work's Online Programme Management (OPM). Please note that a Cardmember transfer change will only come into effect after the next billing cycle.

Why has a charge been declined? What now?
American Express' sophisticated credit checking systems monitor spend patterns in order to identify fraudulent or unapproved spend. This is done to protect your Company and Cardmembers. Any out-of-pattern spend will be referred for manual approval. This means the transaction will not go through on the Card until American Express has been contacted. Charges are more likely to be referred for manual approval when new Cardmembers start using the Card with a minimal spend history. The main types of out-of-pattern expenditure are large, internet or overseas transactions.

If a merchant indicates that a transaction has been declined, Cardmembers should request clarification regarding the reason for the decline. If the reason is that manual approval is required, the Cardmember should contact the Cardmember Service Team on (+852) 2277 1088 to request manual approval.

How do I avoid a charge being declined?
To avoid a charge being declined when using the Corporate Card, Cardmembers can contact American Express prior to using their Corporate Card for a suspected out-of-pattern charge and seek pre-authorisation. We recommend Cardmembers seek pre-authorisation on all large, internet or overseas purchases. Cardmembers can contact the Cardmember Service Team on (+852) 2277 1088.